It’s an important part of the marketing mix and one of the best ways to communicate with an audience. So how can public relations support your business goals?

Whether through an in-house team, or PR agency, a well-considered PR strategy can take your brand to the next level. It has the ability to transform a campaign by targeting influencers and reaching audiences with compelling storytelling. It can drive brand awareness and customer loyalty through newsworthy content and brand endorsements. It may even help drive traffic or sales. It’s even suggested that PR is more trustworthy than advertising, since it is editorial content and not ‘above the line’.

PESO Model


Devised by a digital marketer the PESO model is a frequently used strategy to organize thoughts. It stands for ‘paid, earned, shared, owned’ in reference to the different ways publicity can be achieved.

PESO stands for:

  • ‘Paid’ – referring to sponsored content, such as promotional features online
  • ‘Earned’ – providing content for a platform to use, quite often traditional media
  • ‘Shared’ – a form of amplifying content using your own audience, often through social media platforms
  • ‘Owned’ – refers to careful targeting of audiences that seek content from you, such as user-generated content

PR Agency

While PR is a cost-effective form of marketing, it can be a luxury for a small business to afford their own in-house team. This is where a good PR agency can really add value, with the ability to work on ad-hoc campaigns, as and when needed.

Offering consultancy, guidance and with an already established network of contacts, a PR agency should support your business model, adding value and driving coverage in your desired markets. It is often the fraction of the cost of employing a full time professional.

Trust the Experts

PR is a professional business and as such it’s worth investing in an experienced agency to deliver results. Based in Portugal, Tábua Digital is one such agency with marketing and communication specialists, offering tailor made services to their clients. For more information, get in touch today.