On December 5th of 2017 Instagram revolutionized the way we see our stories. Remember that the first social media that brought to the market the concept of recording our daily moment in photographs or videos and that would be visible for 24 hours was Snapchat. To this day Snapchat has kept its original essence. They were also the ones that inserted the option of filters, faces, geo-location and even the overlapping of them.

So, what did Instagram bring?

It will be one year since Instagram added the Story Highlights! Since the first day, influencers all over the world have turned their Instagram profiles more interesting with images that represent a part of their daily life, from food all the way to travel. But, even though this set has been available for a long time in our profiles, many don’t know how to use them. That is why we are going to gove all the step that needs to be taken to create the best Story Highlights.

Since the time it was activated, Instagram created an option to automatically save your stories into a personal archive, but many deactivated it because they didn’t know what it was for. This archive is only available for each user to see and use to create a Story Highlight.

How to create a Story Highlight:

  1. First, you need to know what you want to do and what you want to place on your stories so that they are included on your archive.
  2. To create the images, we suggest Canva. There is the app that you can use on your phone and there is also the option to use it on your computer. If you choose to use the web browser, you’ll have to insert your own sizes, 1080×1920. The app, on the other hand, has a predefined template for stories. In Canva you’ll be able to find some icons to use, but, in Hootsuite and in Creative Market you can find other icons.
  3. For the background, you’ll be able to search for the image that best suits you or choose a color in Canva that you like best.
  4. When you have your images ready, export them and check if you have the option of “save to archive” selected in settings.
  5. Once you’ve published the images on your story you can now go to your profile to create a new highlight.
  6. Every time you wish to add a new story to your highlight you have two options. The first option is to go to the one you want, press the 3 bottom right dots and press edit highlight. The second option is to open your story, press the heart on the bottom right corner and then select the highlight you want.
  7. Now you can have all the highlights you want and keep them visible forever!