For those who are lucky/old enough to remember, there was once a time where PR existed without social media!  And if you’re really old, you might remember Friends Reunited and MySpace were the social media of its time!

Today Vs Yesterday

But today we live in a world where PR overlaps into social media, and advertising flirts between the two. And because of this, an integrated approach to communication is the new norm.

Today ‘influencers’ have replaced celebrities, online media has usurped newspapers, and  ‘reach’ has been replaced by ‘hits’.

Integration is so 2018!

But first, why should PR and social media work alongside each other?

  • A joined-up approach helps to ensure the same message is used
  • By cross-team working, we can plug each other’s gaps
  • It can help boost awareness and traffic
  • A collaborative approach helps to create an authentic connection between a brand and its audience

What can we do?

So, as marketers and PR professionals, how can social media help boost PR through an integrated approach? Here’s some top tips from Tabua Digital leading integrated PR team:

  • At the start of a new campaign, assign a project lead from PR and social media, to ensure there’s a natural collaboration from the start
  • Share contacts and strategy plans, to ensure no overlap
  • Collaboratively agree on objectives, targets and audience, identifying how you will reach these audiences together
  • Team up to create and share content on all platforms. This is really crucial and relies on both parties sharing content with each other to reach as wide an audience as possible.
  • Measure the success of your campaign, based on your joint approach, this includes everything from click-through rates, to media reach, and measuring key message take-out
  • And finally, learn from each other. PRs will be able to share knowledge about press, deadlines and tone of message, while social media will be able to offer insight into customer response

In these modern times we live in, collaboration is the new way of working, so why not give it a go! To find out more about how a PR agency can help you, get in touch with Tabua Digital now!