We are still writing 2019 incorrectly on our documents and we already have great expectations for what will be happening around the world! During the past year we had amazing marketing congresses, of which we were lucky enough to attend and meet entrepreneurs all over our country. This year there is more to come! Portugal is still a point of interest for all types of enterprises, and the Marketing and Communication area is not an exception. Starting February, the agenda will start getting full, so we are leaving some congress suggestions that will be happening in Portugal and around the world to start planning the trips.


Social Media Week
Lagos, February 2019

The Social Media Week is an event that occurs in various cities throughout the year.

The week’s objectives are for professionals to see the connection between the media, marketing and technology. It also is to deepen the knowledge on insights and how these are part of the creative process for a company to grow.

The first Social Media Week of 2019 will start February 4th until the 8th in Lagos and the last event will be on November 11th through the 15th.


Business Transformation Summit
Portugal 2019

The Business Transformation Summit started in 2016 and it has been a hit since then!

Every year the themes of Gamification, Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence, Digital Learning and even Small Data are discussed. It is brought to the conference international speakers, which has taken the Business Transformation Summit to be seen as an innovative and inspiring event.


London, 14-17 of February 2019 

An event dedicated to the biggest fans and enthusiast, and also thought for the executives and brands that love content video creation!

VidCon is back in 2019 and has three dates! The first will be happening in London, England at the ExCel. The second event will be in California, USA where the VidCon 10th Anniversary will be celebrated and the last date will happen in Melbourne, Australia!

There are three ticket options: Community Track, Creator Track and Industry Track.


SHARE Algarve
Vilamoura, February 2019

SHARE Algarve is a Digital Marketing International Conference created in 2018. Being it an initiative of two friends that are Digital marketing Professional, this conference aims for the sharing of knowledge between speakers and attendees.

In February you’ll find a conference where you’ll be able to meet professionals and industry leaders, as well as, share expertise in the area.


Digital Marketing Leaders
Sydney, February 27th and 28th

It is conference in three main areas: Management Development, Building Business Connections and Knowledge Discovery.

During the various Digital Marketing Leaders events happening during the year, case studies and real-life experiences will be used to offer support to the companies and to help them achieve success.


QSP Summit
Oporto, March 21st 2019

It presents itself as one of the most relevant conferences in Management and Marketing in Europe and it’s back in Oporto.

QSP Summit has 4 stages reserved for the more experienced speakers in the area. Those who are lucky to be part of this summit will be able to expand their knowledge, participate in debate, network and visit the brand exhibition happening simultaneously.


Global Marketer Week
Lisbon, 26 – 29 March, 2019

After 6 years of holding Global Marketer Week outside of Europe, the event comes back and this time it will arrive at our capital.

The event is being organized in partnership with Associação Portuguesa de Anunciantes (APAN) and with bring to the stage some world known professionals both in the marketing and communication area. The week will also include specific events for all marketing and public affairs professional, where the theme of policy priorities integratoin in marketing strategies will be spoken.


B2B Marketing Expo
London, March 27th and 28th, 2019

During two days, it will be held in London one of the greatest Marketing events in Europe

B2B Marketing Expo joins marketing professionals with the best tools, techniques and innovations that they may continue to evolve in the marketing world.


Aveiro, April 2019

The University of Aveiro is already preparing atUAliza.te.

This event attempts to join the academic community to the corporate world with speakers that share visions, tools, and challenges in the area. AtUAliza.te tries to motivate students to keep wanting to learn and innovate through the best Portuguese Marketing professionals.


Content Marketing Conference
Boston, 16 – 19 of April 2019

Content Marketing is constantly evolving and businesses can’t stay behind.

During the Content Marketing Conference new trends, what is to come and what is essential for content marketing to be successful will be discussed.

There will be 70 speakers, 50 sessions, 20 keynotes and 12 workshops, where Chief Marketing Officers will be able to gain more knowledge into what they need to do to take this business to the next content marketing level.


Tudo Sobre eCommerce
Oporto, May 18th, 2019

The 2nd edition of the Tudo Sobre eCommerce Conference is back with a large list of guest speakers. During this day the attendees will be able to network, discover case studies, and look at examples of real-life situations applied in the Portuguese market.

Tudo sobre eCommerce was developed by professionals in the area to be able to help entrepreneurs develop an ecommerce project. During these conference days, the entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to learn to create and optimize an online store.


Amsterdam, Netherlands, September 25th and 26th, 2019

Digital Marketing Conference is a conference for those looking to develop different marketing areas or to simply reinforce the already implemented strategies.

During these conference days themes like, Digital Strategies, Content Marketing, and Growth Hacking will be discussed.


Lisbon, 10th and 11th of October 2019

With its space already saved at Lispolis, Pólo Tecnológico de Lisboa, the 6th edition of CLICKSUMMIT is back.

This is the event where experiences, strategies, and tools used by professionals are joined in one place. With this, there is a better sharing of content marketing and sells through the digital channels.


Web Summit
Lisbon, 4 – 7 of November 2019

If it’s not the biggest technology fair of the world, it’s one the greatest, and it already has saved dates and seats! Web Summit is the event that everyone wants to be a part of. During this week, experts from every technology area will be able to meet and see each other again.

Marketing and Communication also have place at Web Summit. Last year, the participation of many professional connected to the marketing and communication tools that we use daily made an impact at Web Summit. Some of them were: CEO & Co-Founder of Pinterest, Ben Silbermann, CEO of Twitch, Emmett Shear, and CDO of LinkedIn, Igor Perisic. We are expectant and eager to start discovering the speakers of the Web Summit.


Lisbon Marketing Summit
Lisbon 2019

The first edition was in 2018 and the second one is already being prepared. During one day, the attendees will have the opportunity to listen to marketing directors from the largest international and national brands.

The different discussion panels of last year’s Lisbon Marketing Summit focused in themes like: the future of the traditional brands, Portuguese brands to the world, automation marketing, what agencies and brands look for, and consumer behavior in the next years.


There are some more conferences that don’t have dates announces, such as Upload Lisboa, but with some many events, our agenda just got full! We hope to see you in these remarkable  events and be able to speak with you, as well.