During the last years, Instagram has conquered a great number of users, to a point where it’s considered one of the most important social media of this time. Everything is documented on Instagram, what we do, what we eat, what we drink, who we’re with and the brands we use. To show such things we use our feed, but our stories as well.

Creating stories is an alternative way of sharing content and show you audience something different from what is shown on the feed. This aspect can be applied for both brands and personal accounts.

However, it’s important to keep in mind the type of content that is published in the stories and the essence of the brand, so that you may see what makes sense and what doesn’t and the amount of publications that makes sense to be made. Stories are a great weapon in the social media and currently there are various platforms that have designs ready to use, that have as a goal help every user.

But how can you make original and creative stories? Ones that will run from the typical and basic ones that your competitors do. Here are some tips.

  1. Call your audience to your feed
    Generally, stories have a greater reach than publications on your feed. It’s important to call your audience’s attention through your stories to the pictures posted on your feed.
  2. Lives
    Lives are also a great function you can focus on this social media. These stay active for 24h and while the live is happening, the audience can interact with you. Lives are a good option to show/present a product.
  3. Tutorials
    A different and original way of using the stories if through tutorials. Create a storytelling to show and/or teach something to your audience; and make each video on your story and different step.
    Note: Pay attention to the amount of stories that are being publish to not be too much for your audience.
  4. Know your biggest fans
    Knowing your audience’s interests and the type of content they like to see is fundamental. Through this, it will be easier to satisfy those interests, by creating and sharing stories/post that they’ll react and interact better.
  5. Promotional Vouchers
    Every now and then, offer in your stories promotional vouchers or promotional codes. The audience loves everything that is related to discounts.
  6. Use hashtags and location service
    The use of hashtags and location services will allow stories reach a great number of people, apart from your followers. Many of the online users of this social media search through places and hashtags.
  7. Swipe up
    Create direct access to your website with your link in your stories. This way, your audience will be to access your site, or any link you find interesting, more easily.
    Nonetheless, it’s importante to keep in mind that it will only work for those that have reached 10 thousand followers.
  8. Advertisement
    The Ad format is fully focused on the mobile, which makes it possible to bring unique interaction to your products, for example, you can create a catalog look alike through the Instagram Stories.

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