A Minha Corrida is now our run because we like to associate ourselves to projects that have value and that offer a great value to the community’s well-being. This could be our answer to why we support the running portal “A Minha Corrida”, but that would be too diminishing.

This running portal is a project that seeks to provide a framework for the most democratic and cheap sport we can have, running / athletics. As one of the sites with the largest community of online followers in Portugal, we seek to provide the necessary support for your exposure and monetization.

We want and hope this will be a long-term collaboration with the best and largest national running community, where everyone is welcome (from beginners to professionals). At Tábua Digital our support is part of the 10% program, where we seek to develop our corporate and social responsibility (CSR) activities.


A Minha Corrida

What can be found on this site? Here, readers can find information on running sports with technical and sporting articles. News and information on the latest sporting events, as well as the promotion and organization of running events, with calendar and race schedule. Useful links about running, race classifications and images of the various events that take place throughout the country every day.

You can also find reviews for running aids and accessories and follow the portal’s sports team looking to be present at the main and most emblematic national running and trail events.


Website: www.aminhacorrida.com

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