Creating a brand from scratch

One of the most important corporate services for businesses, but often overlooked, is the courier service. This type of service is almost taken for granted and companies are looking for the lowest prices and the most reliable delivery.

The Briefing

Tábua Digital received a message from two enterprising brothers asking to meet and present their project. We met in a coffee shop in Benfica neighbourhood where we were able to calmly speak and receive the briefing.

Those who are familiar with receiving briefings, know that it is usually a document explaining the company, its positioning, competition, problem and challenge. But this briefing was a blank napkin where we started by drawing a motorbike! That’s how they introduced us the company.

This different and fun way of presenting the problem and challenge at the same time has led us to a long talk about the market that these brothers are investing.


The Challenge

When you might think that the challenge was just to create a logo (as this is something that should be done lightly), we come up with a much more interesting challenge: Help us to create the concept for the company!

Well, this is more than creating a brand concept, it is a business concept that also needs to be worked on.

Our response was immediate with the exploration of ideas and brainstorming for validation of views and clarifying the whole project idea.


We have to start somewhere

Where do we start? By creating target “personnas” for this company. It was from there that we would develop the entire creative process. After well-defined target audiences and their characterization and needs, we soon realized that this is not a B2B project, but also has a B2C strand of end-user support services.

This discovery soon led us to catalogue the kind of marketing and communication materials that need to be created and adopted by the company.


The Name

If the briefing was to draw a motorbike on a napkin, when asked if they already had a chosen name or if they had any idea, we see the entrepreneurs raising their hands towards us. But what does this mean? Ready answer: Hands! We drive a motorbike, so we need the hands to accelerate, break, turn; we are going to deliver messages and packages that have to be carefully taken care of and hand delivered, hence Hands!

Ok, we have a name. But now how to link the name to a strong image for a brand?


The Brand

The brand had previously some restrictions that would have to be met, like the colours to adopt: blue and yellow.

Nothing that we cannot do. After some attempts and drawing of some image models, we achieved a corporate concept focused on the hands and the movement, having used the name as a strong point for the brand.

In this way, it was possible to escape from the pre-concept of a motorbike courier company, giving space for the evolution of the company and being able to use other transportation vehicles, as well as positioning it as a personalized logistics company, through the adoption of a signature: Your order in the hands of who knows!

Logotipo Hands

Steps for brand building

After the creation of the brand, we automatically began to develop digital communication materials, such as the customized Facebook page to present the services, the Google My Business page; at the same time as paper materials for communication support are created, as a service price list.

With the completion of these first steps, arises the creation of a dynamic website, which allows a real showcase of work and privileged contact with customers and potential customers, as well as online campaigns to promote the company’s services in a geographically segmented manner, by type of “personna” and service.