Good practices, trends, strategies, knowledge, relieves, lots of opinion sharing and everything, really everything about Marketing and Digital Communication.

What can help to improve your work? Your team to be more productive, with more knowledge and mastery of tools and techniques of Marketing and Digital Communication. In this area, you will find several ebooks to share knowledge and techniques and work methodologies for you and to share with your team.

HANDS: Creating a brand from scratch

Hands: criar uma marca do zero

We stick to Marketing and Digital Communication and we take this very seriously. Hence we created a video channel with the latest news, tips and trends in the area, thus sharing knowledge with everyone working in the areas of digital marketing and communication.

What you can read and see here

Public Relations

How shall brands communicate with their ecosystem and with their audiences.

Social Media

What is the impact of social media on the relationship of brands with their audiences.

Digital Marketing

What's new in digital marketing and how you can change the way you interact.

Online Influencers

What they are and how they have gained importance in the new spectrum of digital influence.


Practices and strategies for a relevant and positive presence of online brands.


Good management and collaboration practices for marketing activity and start-ups.