Manifesto Tábua Digital

We Believe

People Are Amazing!

Our Manifesto is based on belief in people.

Believe in the potential and seek to awaken in each person the interest for knowledge, personal and professional growth focused on practical and clear results.

We believe in establishing strong and lasting relationships between the various team elements with clients and partners. We seek to develop a positive, frank and fair work ecosystem where everyone can work and create with freedom and responsibility.

Our Manifesto Values

1. Live Life

Life is too important not to be lived in its fullness. That is why we seek to create a work environment that allows us to combine professional and personal life. We care about the health and well-being of all employees and their families.

2. Working with a smile

An excellent sense of humour and joy in the workplace is mandatory to work at Tábua Digital. The daily work and the natural pressure of projects are enough already. We want a work environment where everyone feels welcome and feel that good mood will help to overcome all challenges.

3. You only sell what you believe in

We believe that only experience and the sharing of good practices allow innovation and creativity to succeed in digital marketing and communication campaigns. To do so, we seek to develop internal projects to evaluate strategies, technology and obtain technical and strategic knowledge. This process of experience leads us to have a real vision of the capabilities and constraints that each strategy to adopt has. We work in areas and with clients that we believe in.

4. Impossible, only when you don’t believe you can

Impossible is a forbidden word. Before constraining the capabilities of the team or the activities of each client, we try to find what barrier we can break and innovate. There are no impossible challenges, there are teams with courage and they dream beyond the horizon to create something new and with results that will go beyond expectations.

5. The customer is not always right… but neither are we!

We like to listen to our customers, talk, discuss ideas and strategies. We are a team of consultants that seeks to implement best practices and methodologies to achieve the results defined with each client. However, not always the arguments presented by customers are to be accepted, we are a team that shows the effective and efficient reason for each customer’s needs. Yet we assume that we are not always the owners of reason, so we like to share ideas and knowledge!

6. There are no problems, there are issues that need a solution

We seek to be problem solvers, bringing to each client’s challenge the solution that best fits their needs and goals. We try to evaluate all situations, we create the different possible scenarios, to define and implement the best marketing and communication strategy.

7. Numbers don’t lie!

We believe in analytical and clear data that allow us to evaluate and analyze the campaigns. We seek access to data that helps us interpret the reality of the market, trends and business perspectives.

We report our campaigns on the basis of quantitative data and interpret qualitative data in an analytic manner to bring each client a clear and real idea of their investment.

Principles of


Tábua Digital team, based on its Manifesto, daily promotes principles of ethical conduct, respect and care for others, frank and fair trade.

Acceptance of knowledge sharing, respect for diversity of opinion is part of the DNA of the agency and its team.

We Dream

With Harmony

Beyond dreaming, we daily seek to create a healthy work environment that will boost the personal development of each member of Tábua Digital.

Based on a frank and fair trade policy, the budgets presented by Tábua Digital are strictly fair and clear.