Agile Marketing


Increasingly marketing teams are multidisciplinary and have to adopt methodologies that allow to achieve greater productivity.

At Tábua Digital, we adopt Agile Marketing methodologies that make our team capable of responding more quickly to the needs and changes of each client.

We focus on the business goals of each client, and we seek to work together to define the best action plan, using the best strategies and marketing and communication tools, in an integrated and agile way.

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PESO Model

Integrated Marketing

The PESO Model (Paid Media, Earned Media, Shared Media, Owned Media) is a Marketing and Communication platform that allows the definition and implementation of the Omni-channel Communication strategy of a brand in a simple, intuitive and integrated way, with direct relation to the business’s goals.

This is the model adopted by Tábua Digital for the development of marketing strategies and integrated communication of each client and which is based on a framework recognized and standardized by AMEC (International Association for Measurement and Evaluation of Communication).

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The evaluation of our work is something we take very seriously. At Tábua Digital we clearly define the establishment of analysis and evaluation metrics based on quantitative data that allow the extrapolation to support the strategic definition of Marketing and Communication planning.

We use the management model that best expresses and responds to this need, the SMART model, which for its simplicity makes it possible to be used by all marketing projects and tools.