Any and all action developed by the Marketing departments must be focused on achieving the commercial and business goals of the brands. We seek to develop together with marketing executives the best strategies and marketing tactics to achieve success.


Relations with the media as well as the new digital media require the definition of a strategy of continuous communication and information sharing with its target audiences.


The design, production and promotion of an event requires specialized teams committed to the success goals of each action, as well as its integration in the structural marketing plan and how it will leverage the brand's business results.


The growth of digital requires the adoption of new strategies, channels of communication and tools that lead the brands to gain relevance in their local and natural markets, as well as in the global markets.


The need to be close to its public and customers leads brands to seek to be active in social networks with greater interaction and greater importance. But you need to create a presence that has a positive impact on your business goals.


Beyond the disclosure of relevant and frequent content, it is necessary for brands to establish relationships with the new influencers who dominate the digital territory. Whether they are bloggers, youtubers, instagramers or managers of specialized communities.


The professional growth of the teams and professionals of marketing and communication goes through obtaining the best conceptual training and techniques in their areas of expertise and strengthening their soft skills.


All new business projects need to gain visibility in an extremely crowded media space in order to avenge. At Tábua Digital, we develop programs focused on Start-Ups, their needs, constraints and bold and successful cultures.