To Define.

One of the keywords in Digital Marketing is DEFINE. It is necessary to define the "personna" that best characterizes your target audience/client, in order to be able to define the best strategies, tools, line and communication policy and channels to adopt.

To Implement.

With a correct and coherent definition of what you want and with whom you want to communicate, the plan of action is put into practice. The creation, optimization, and management tools and communication and marketing channels used are a critical success factor for any Digital Marketing strategy.

To Interact.

The ability to produce instant interaction between the brand and its target audience or customers is unique in Digital Marketing. The need to define and establish rules and policies of response and daily and constant interaction with customers enables brands to listen and obtain rich information that they cannot obtain otherwise.

Digital Marketing


  • Digital Marketing Audit
  • Definition of Digital Marketing strategy
  • Definition of SEO strategy (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Definition of SEM strategy (Search Engine Marketing)
  • Definition of Social Media strategy
  • Implementation of Digital Marketing strategy
  • Implementation of SEO and SEM campaigns
  • Online Reputation Management: ORM

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