Marketing is an area of action, where you have to act with precision. A strategy and marketing plan shall be integrated, support brands speaking with one voice. It is necessary to think about each action, its goals, its impact and repercussion on the overall results of the marketing plan.


After strategic rationalization, it is necessary to dream and plan which activities have the greatest impact and when to activate them. The Marketing Planning takes place daily, together with a serious and continuous work of analysis and evaluation of results obtained by the activities in progress.


Since Marketing is action, you need to activate! Activate planned activities. Activate means of monitoring and evaluation. Activate continuous improvement and plan realignment processes. In Marketing the fundamental job besides dreaming and planning is really to activate!

Marketing Services


  • Marketing Department Audit
  • Marketing Activities Audit
  • Consulting support to develop an Integrated Marketing Plan
  • Implementation of Integrated Marketing Plan
  • Development and implementation of Content Marketing strategy
  • Development of marketing materials and supports

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