Keeping ahead of trends and remaining relevant, is crucial in the PR industry. As brand advisors and promoters, the responsibility lies with us to create meaningful content, to evaluate its impact and to protect the brands we look after.

With an evolving industry influenced by technology and social media, we must constantly look at trends that will shape our strategy.

Here at Tábua Digital, we put together its top five trends to look out for in the year ahead:


If 2018 has taught us anything, it’s the importance of transparency in a world of ‘fake news’. Facebook has come under fire several times recently for the way it has dealt with data and customers. As brand guardians, we need to ensure that the businesses we work with keep their promises, remain authentic and act responsibly. One way we can achieve this is by being transparent when working with influencers on social media – always flagging up that they are paid for partnerships. We can also encourage our clients to stay up to date with the latest guidelines and best practices, and ensure they are keeping customers informed about any changes.

Credible Influencer Outreach

Speaking of influencers, this trend continues to grow in 2019. According to insight from Google, brands can tap in to hard-to-reach audiences by partnering with YouTube creators specifically. However, industry experts warn that partnerships should be credible and add-value, rather be seen as just ‘bolted-on’ for reach. The main take-out is that influencers should be used the right way. They should provide the opportunity to tap in to niche or targeted audiences, that can drive real value. We must look at who they can reach, rather than how many they can reach – an issue many clients fall foul of.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is becoming a reality that PR can embrace as part of its wider strategy. According to Forbes, every industry will need data scientists to offer predicative analysis, it adds: “Data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence should make public relations easier for most companies, from predicting when customer interest will be highest to identifying potential crises and mitigating them before they explode.” If you don’t already have an AI strategy now is the time to start think about how this can add value to your outreach.

Consolidation of Integrated Campaigns

More and more we’re seeing the consolidation of integrated campaigns. As the lines blur between PR, digital marketing and advertising teams, it’s clear that a consistent approach is needed. By working together, marketers can ensure messages remain consistent, there’s no crossover in activity, and that an agreed audience is targeted. It’s also valuable for content sharing – understanding that working together with a shared goal and pooled resources can be one of the most effective ways to achieve success. However, it’s still an area that needs much development in the new year, with only 60% of organisations effectively integrating together.

PR becoming Digital

PR has had to adapt to the changing digital landscape over the years. The rise of social media and digital platforms requires us to build a strategy on a digital level. This means communicating with online media, as well as influencers, writing bitesize copy for social media platforms, having a digital presence and fully understanding SEO to drive traffic and engagement through content. It also requires us to review the way we communicate with consumers in a global 24/7 environment, while remaining authentic.

However, as PR continues to move at a pace into the digital arena, one growing demand is how we evaluate digital content. In the online world where everything can be tracked and monitored, PRs need to find a way to use this to show their worth and impact, to reflect the new metrics and analysis that digital PR has created.


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